Photographer Puts New Spin on ‘Street’ Art Using Google Maps

Photographer Doug Rickard sees artistic possibility in the images of people captured in the photographic drive-bys that make up Google Street View. He has travelled thousands of virtual miles, looking for potential photographs in Google’s maps that have more than just utilitarian purpose. KQED’s Scott Shafer reports.

Google Maps: The many dimensions of a modern map

For the last decade we’ve obsessed over building great maps for our users—maps that are comprehensive, accurate and easy to navigate. This video gives you a glimpse into that journey, and also talks about what’s next for Google Maps.

Toy Joy – Google brings “Street View” into your business.

The Business Photos pilot program gives business owners an easy way to get customers in the door online using interactive, high-quality, 360-degree images of their business – results appear on Google Maps, Google Places, and Google search.  The new Trusted Photographer program allows you to connect with a local Google Trusted Photographer to bring your